It is totally up to an individual how he wants to accept change for oneself. Everything has two sides to observe and it is totally up to you how you handle such situations. It is totally up to you how you adapt to change surrounding yourself.  Whether technology is a boon or a bane, is for people to decide. Each one of us rely on it so much that sometimes we forget how to do it without using a technology. People have almost forgotten to remember numbers and dates. Now with this age of modernization and digitalization, you are getting everything with just a click in your phones. And with everything at the end of one click you can totally relax sit back in your seats and enjoy the view from the train and relax and get your Train food Service available for you anytime you want.

Now before talking about things in details let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of technology and how has railways benefitted from them, and then decide whether technology is a boom or bane for you and for everyone?

  1. First and foremost now you do not have to increase the weight of your luggage just to carry good and healthy food. What can be better than that? It is actually that easy as it sounds to us. It is actually just a click away; you get to decide whatever you want for you and your family.
  2. Secondly in fact you can get your favourite Food in Train while you are on your train online. The easiest way of getting food while you are in the train is to get the food online and then you can get it deliver in a given time. We love having the food we get in our favourite places rather its feels better to sit at home feel lazy and order your favourite food. And they get you food delivered immediately in the next station.
  3. Thirdly getting tickets is the easiest and fastest without waiting for hours missing work. Just a click and you have it all. And also no more long hours of waiting.
  4. Fourthly now you can also check the train status without waiting in the station. You can actually check the status of your running train too along with the time required to reach your destination.
  5. Fifthly not just that you are also provided with the option of paying online or through other apps if you want to save your hard cash or you are running low on hard cash. You do not have to carry a lot of cash while you are travelling if you do not like doing it much.
  6. Lastly you can totally rely on the quality of the food. Because you yourself order from the brands that you prefer the most.

To add up to all the points you can also track your moving train anytime. You can be totally be updated about each and every second of your journey. Traveling seems fun, right.

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