Stand up paddling commonly known as sup has been around in its recent modern form for less than a decade. Though a standup paddle board is not yet as recognizable as like, a bicycle, but sup is definitely getting noticed. Nearly every water body, around the world, has become a playground for standup paddlers.

Why Sup?

Sup is a kind of pastime the whole family can enjoy. An initial investment in sports gear will yield many years of low-cost enjoyment of the great outdoors. Having knowledge of conditions and respect for local laws and precautions, sup is a safe sports activity for people of all ages, sizes and athletic ability. With an easy learning curve, it is an excellent choice for improving one’s overall fitness, no matter what shape she is in now.

About Sup board

A Sup board is like a canoe paddle, though it is longer, lighter, and with a peculiar bend right near the blade. The sup paddle is the second most expensive item one will need. If anyone is buying her paddle from a local shop, they will help her determine how long the paddle shaft needs to be. Then shopkeeper will saw off the excess factory length and attach the handle. Just like boards have evolved, so have paddles. The general rule says that the paddle needs to be anywhere from 4 to 7 inches taller than a person. Lighter paddles are made from expensive materials, though are well worth the extra investment as it greatly reduce the hand fatigue that occurs with heavier paddles.

Types of Sup boards

Nowadays market has evolved into a dizzying array of paddles or boards for racing, river running, flat water, fishing, and yes of course, surfing. Constructions also run the gamut, from exotic epoxies, fiberglass, and carbon to incredibly durable foam and inflatable models. Especially for a beginner, the choices can be overwhelming, and that’s’ where internet guide comes in.

On the basis of different genres and construction types, paddle boards usually down into four categories including inflatable, soft, and hard or surfing, and fishing — taking the beginner as well as first-time buyer into account. The picks are according the result of hours of time spent on screen, on lakes, tidal creeks, and of course, the open ocean.

Among the most important concerns for stand-up paddle boards are weight and durability. Though these two factors are not always mutually exclusive. In the case of the boards that follow, manufacturer’s tried to ensure that people will not only be able to hoist the board onto the roof of their car, but that it also won’t ding at the slightest bump and snap in half on a waist-high wave.

Wrap up

Currently, the Sup board marketplace is as fluid as the ocean. Manufacturers, vendors, and marketers’ come and go seemingly overnight. An interested one can visit 10revs who helps to recommend well-warranted products from companies they know user will be able to deal with at least a year or two from now.

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