Bangkok, and Thailand, in general, is one of the most affordable destinations. It is very popular among luxury travelers and backpackers alike, mainly because the city is so vibrant and has a lot to offer. Even with Bangkok being very affordable, there are still ways to make your trip to the city friendlier to the wallet.

One of the things you can now do when visiting Bangkok stays in one of the more modern hostels in the city. Boutique hostels and affordable accommodations offer a handful of advantages that elevate your Bangkok experience.

Great Locations

In most cases, hostels in Bangkok are situated closer to the best attractions in the city. You no longer have to spend a fortune to stay close to the Silom Night Market or Lumphini Park, because there are budget properties in the area.

You can even find a good hostel near Patpong and be within walking distance from Bangkok’s infamous nightlife scene. Since there are also a lot of street food vendors and local restaurants in the area, you can sample the city’s best throughout the trip.

More Amenities

We often associate hostels and budget accommodation with basic amenities. While this may be true a few years ago, hostels now cater to international travelers and offer great amenities for affordable prices. With boutique hostels, you also get the modern interior design and a cool ambiance.

You may not get a swimming pool or luxury in-property restaurants when staying in a hostel, but the rest of the amenities will keep you more than comfortable throughout your stay. You get high-quality linen, free Wi-Fi in some properties, and private rooms to choose from.

Services to Die For

Some services offered by top hostels in Bangkok make traveling to and around the city more convenient. If you are on a long vacation in Thailand and you want to use Bangkok as your arrival and departure point, you can find hostels that offer luggage storage.

Lub D, one of the leading hotels in the city, lets you store your luggage for up to two months. There is a 24-hour front desk service too, giving you the option to check in and out of the hostel at any time. The dorms and private rooms are equally exceptional.

A Great Community

That actually brings us to the last – and perhaps the biggest – advantage of staying in hostels when visiting Bangkok: a large community of international travelers. Travelers from around the world visit this city every year and many of them become good friends after meeting in hostels.

In many ways, this is the biggest advantage of staying in hotels. You get to meet people who want to explore the city as much as you do. You will have plenty of opportunities to share the holiday experience with them. Don’t be surprised to make many new (good) friends while you are in Bangkok.

Add the fact that you can enjoy all of these advantages and services for a small fee. It is easy to see how hostels are becoming increasingly popular. Do you know that they are great for long stays too?

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