Whether work or home, there are a series of tasks you are ought to do. In an attempt to complete them all quickly, you end up jumbling everything and not completing even one properly. And clearly, no task accomplishment is equivalent to sheer wastage of time. Moreover, you just cannot deny that whatever you do can only fetch the expected results when the other team members put the same amount of effort timely. Most of the tasks are a collective effort and so better time management by you won’t suffice. Every team member has to manage his time better.

As an HR, this may not have come in your mind or topped your list of responsibilities, but it is the basic motive behind tasks that employees or you do. Here is what you can do to manage your time while using HR software. Take a look.

Curb the intrusions

You must be facing at least one of these two pervasive distractions- The shoulder taps, and the notification pop-ups. According to some researchers, a person, depending on the emotional impact of the intrusion may take up to 23 minutes or more than that. Here are little ways to curb the same.

  • Open only those tabs that you need for the task you are currently doing.
  • Ok! This is quite daunting but you should put your phone in the drawer.
  • Turn off the notifications. (at least till the time you are done with one important time-taking task.
  • Set timings to check notifications on your mobile and emails. (when you reach the office, before lunch, after lunch, supper, when you leave)

Define Your Goals

When you are setting the goals for the team and yourself, be real. Don’t take or give the work that can make employees extend their hours at work. If the tasks are consuming more time than they should, your goals may need some rework. You can use HR software to define the goals from your end first and then ask the employees if the tasks assigned are feasible or vice versa.

However, if it really is demanding better time management, employees should refrain from accepting the ad-hoc tasks and everything else that flutters their focus.(even if it means cutting the gossip grapevines.)

Stay Coordinated

It is very necessary to stay coordinated. Meetings may seem to be the best solution, they actually aren’t. Yet other time-eating monsters that you should avoid.

What else can be done for better coordination then? – This question may pop-up in your minds instantly. The answer is to opt for a better alternative- HR software. Use it to set the goals and mark the ones that have been finished successfully. If the HRMS software also has a chat system for internal communication, make the right use of it.

Utilize The Breaks

Breaks are really important. They ensure you stay refreshed throughout the day and give your best. However, very frequent or delayed breaks, both are not worthwhile. Ideally, four or 5 breaks in a day should be enough. 3 short and 2 of half hours are exactly what your mind and body need.  

In short, you require to brace yourself and focus more on your work than ever. Distractions should have no place in your work schedule. Hard truth- You will have to bid adieu to your mobile (precisely Instagram) addiction too! When these changes will be clubbed with proper planning and breaks, you will have no issue is accomplishing the tasks assigned.

So, why not try them for a week and tell us in the comments about your experience?

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