There are some factors which every person must understand, out of which a common one is that not all medical errors are mistakes or result of malpractice. There certain errors which are caused due to malpractice but not injurious to your health. Also, there are errors which can cause severe damages.

If you have experienced any such medical malpractice injury then Cleveland medical negligence attorney can be of great help. If you haven’t experienced any then this article will help you to be cautious in such situations.

  1. Incorrect Medication

    A wrong medicine can bring catastrophic differences in a person’s life. When a patient is given the wrong medicines, it can affect his or her health. There are innumerable possibilities by which the patient can be affected. It can lead to severe damage in place of damage control. This is caused due to medical malpractice and lack of attention while treating a patient. For instance, when a pharmacist or chemist provides you with medicine, go through all the details printed on it. The details which you should look out for are the name, composition, date of manufacture and expiry. It is very important to know whether the medicine treats your condition or not. It is very important to receive proper and right medication for treating medical conditions.

  1. Incorrect Dosage

    This is a very common and highly neglected issue of medical treatment. The dosage of medicines prescribed is very important for curing the conditions. There is a reason behind prescribing dosages. Incorrect dosage can also be prescribed by the doctor as well, or the pharmacists also can prescribe incorrect dosage. It is very important to take a note on the dosage of all medicines you consume. Different medicines for different conditions need different dosages. For example, the dosage of paracetamol for common cold will be different from the dosage of antibiotics for malaria. Proper dosage is necessary for proper healing. A patient who is receiving a smaller or higher dosage than that of what he must consume, then it is a form of medical mistake and malpractice.

  1. Wrong-Site Surgery

    The worst medical mistake that can happen is performing surgery in the wrong part of your body. This is not at all a negligible issue but it is a medical mistake. Often doctors don’t go through the patient’s file properly before performing surgery. A study suggests that in the US, wrong site surgery happens almost 2500-2700 times a year. The Cleveland medical negligence attorney files lawsuits against such cases. There are solutions which can help reduce such mistakes. One of the most effective ways is to go through the patient’s file before the surgery and consulting with your team who help in performing the surgery.

  2. Wrong Diagnosis

    The Wrong diagnosis of the medical condition is another issue of concern. In a good number of medical cases, it has been noted that patients receive wrong medication and treatment due to misdiagnosis of their condition. The wrong diagnosis of a fatal illness can lead to death which is a crime. Doctors and medical practitioners must be aware of the consequences of the wrong diagnosis of illness. If the illness is not diagnosed properly then the treatment received by the patient also turns out to be useless.


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