Jim Corbett Park is a perfect adventurous escape for those who love wildlife and nature. This land is the kingdom of tigers and an indispensable part of Uttarakhand tourism. Whether you are planning to go here with your partner, your family or your friends, you will be in no dearth of fun. Birdwatching, rafting, fishing, safaris and much more, there is something for every age group.

You will also find many Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts that will surely make your vacation relaxing and enjoyable. Besides, booking a hotel if there is anything that you must focus on it is the places you must visit during the day.

In this blog, we have curated a list of top 7 things you must do while you are at Jim Corbett Park.

  • Corbett Falls-

    Corbett falls are one of the most picturesque things in the Jim Corbett park. You cannot miss this view. Plan a picnic at this beautiful an scenic spot. The fall is 66 feet tall amidst the lush green forest. It is 4 km from the park. It is a famous picnic spot.

  • River Rafting-

    It is very thrilling to do rafting in the flowing water and the Kosi river is the perfect place for that. However, the river flows seasonally and you can expect a grade II or III ride only over here. After the adrenaline rush, you will experience, you can go to the hotel you have picked out of all the Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts to relax.

  • Garjia Temple-

    It is a very big temple located on the top of a Rockstone. If you are with your family, this is a highly recommended place. The murals of Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Bhairo Baba are worshipped in this temple by the devotees. Moreover, if you go there at the time of Karthik Poornima in the month of November; you can even enjoy the fair as well. It is 14 km away on the Dhikala road from Ramnagar.

  • Fishing-

    The water flow is very stagnant in the catchment area. So, in the premises of Corbett National Park, you can also spend your leisure time in catching fishes. There are two camps where you are allowed to go fishing, they are Upper Ramganga river, Bhikiasen, and Pancheshwar with the approval of forest officials.

  • Go wild adventure park-

    As the name suggests, Go wild adventure park is all about adventure. You can do net climbing, rope bridging, etc here.

  • Paragliding-

    While returning from the park, you must go to Bhimtal. It is almost 70 km away, but worthful. All the people who love to do adventure fall in love with the place. Here you can do some adventure sports like paragliding, Kayaking, etc.

Apart from this roaming in the jungle in safari, and seeing the wildlife is what you are basically going there for. So, now that you have a checklist for your vacation, the only thing you are left with is choosing a place to stay that fits your budgets and expectations perfectly. There are many Jim Corbett Hotels and Resorts, you can easily book any of them online in advance for a worry-free vacay.

Happy Holiday-ing!



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