There are so many universities that have taken a position in the top 10 ratings of the university in the year 2018-2019. Let’s have a look at these universities and the benefits it offers to the students studying here.

  1. University of Chicago:
  2. This is one of the best universities that were founded in the year 1890. Therefore, this university is rated on the 10th position in terms of reputation.
  3. More than 125 years this university was founded one of the people to offer the people education.
  4. This is a university that offers so many comprehensive researches to the people.
  5. Therefore, allows classes all over the year to help students in completing their degree. This is the best-known university for international students as because students from different parts of the world come here to study.


  1. Imperial College London:
    1. London is one of the best places in terms of education. The best schools and colleges are founded in London.
    2. Therefore, Imperial College is the best-known university because it offers the students a variety of courses.
    3. Almost all the higher courses such as Ph.D., M.Tech, etc. are available here. This university is also known for International students who come every year to complete their degree.

People can easily search for the list of MBA colleges in Bangalore if someone is willing to study in India. There are so many best universities and colleges in Bangalore.


  1. ETH Zurich:
  1. This University is ranked on the 8th number in terms of reputation, faculty members and even the other facilities.
  2. This is an international university with Nobel laureates but they have been sitting apart from the universities of ETH Zurich.
  3. People from so many countries come here to avail of different types of courses and to complete their education. Therefore, this is the top-best university in terms of Engineering and Natural Science Programmes.

  1. University College London:
    1. This is one of the best-rated universities in London that is having direct competition with the Imperial College of London.
    2. People from different parts of the world come here to study. There are approx 30 Nobel Lacerates in UCL and its high research focus team helped this university to gain 7th position.
    3. This is the best university that provides placements to the students. Hence, it is UGC approved.

There are so many MBA institute Bangalore that can help students to complete their higher studies. The best Indian universities are situated in Bangalore as because these universities have MoUs with foreign universities. Therefore, they offer an exchange of students also.

  1. Oxford University (London):
  2. This is again one of the top-best universities. People come here to complete their courses as because these were one of the top best university past years back.
  3. In 2018-19, after the researches, this university gained the fifth position but is still the best. This university is also UGC approved.

Therefore, these above mentioned are best universities of the world.

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