Bangkok is a city renowned for its rich culture, nightlife and, of course, the incredible cuisine. Bangkok offers a myriad of eateries, ranging from internationally known restaurants to authentic Thai food served at markets or on the corner of a street. In addition, Bangkok is host to many quirky and themed cafes – read on to find out some of the quirky establishments you can find within a 15-minute walk of a Siam hostel, Bangkok.

Caturday Cat Café

You wake up, walk out of your hostel, old and new friends equally as bleary-eyed, and you remember Caturday Cat Café, just a 12- minute walk away. Here you’ll find a plethora of furry feline friends and some tasty treats for yourself too. They have about 40 cats who are all happy and well looked after, and love to play. With a choice of refreshing smoothies, colorful Instagram-able cakes, and a relaxing atmosphere, it is the perfect place to escape the Bangkok heat. They don’t take bookings, but cater for a range of tastes, and offer vegetarian and vegan dishes too.

HOP’s Dog Café – The House of Paws Dog Café

If dogs are more your best friend than cats, then you could head over to HOP’s Dog Café, where you can interact with a range of dogs, from an Old English Sheepdog to a Corgi. There are a few choices of set menu, offering drinks with cake or waffle (depending on which one you opt for), and the dogs are friendly and love the fuss.

Mermaid Castle Café

Perhaps animals aren’t your thing and you’d rather immerse yourself in the world of mythical sea creatures. If so, take a stroll over to Mermaid Castle Café (only a 14-minute walk) where you will be greeted by a sea of pastel and the option to slip your legs into a mermaid tail. You can expect mermaid tails sticking out of your smoothies, a ton of colorful sugar sprinkles, and all sorts of cuddly ocean creatures for you to cuddle during your time there.

Hello Kitty House

If none of the above take your fancy, why not try Hello Kitty House, where you can eat, shop, and relax all under one roof. Take your pick of dishes such as pinky cheesy toast, cheese katsu curry rice, and Hello Kitty pad Thai and be amazed at how they incorporate Hello Kitty into each one. Choose from refreshing smoothies, revitalizing iced tea, and hot coffees, and you’ll be ready to continue exploring the city.

Stay at a local hostel. Pick one that is an eclectic mix of modern and old town, and use it as a base to explore everything the city has to offer. You’ll find a huge range of attractions and places to visit, and whilst you’re there, make it your mission to visit one or two of these quirky cafes. Get ready to start Instagramming and wait for the “Wow, where is that?!” comments to roll in.

Let us know how you get on!

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